December 2018

Schermafdruk 2017 12 12 10.39.46December 8 a second delegation from the National Health Insurance Service (NHIS) visited The Hague. NHIS is the only health insurance company in South Korea. Around 16,000 employees work there. The current government elected May 2017, under President Moon Jae-in, pays a lot of attention to the position of elderly people with dementia. He launched a state program to handle the issue. Moon also promised to introduce a 10 percent cap on the financial burden placed on those insured against dementia, a rate similar to those applied to four major age-related diseases like cancer, cardiac disorders, cerebrovascular diseases and other rare incurable diseases. For this reason NHIS orientates on developments in other countries. The delegation visited health care organization Florence (Adegeest) and the municipality of The Hague, two wonderful visits. Through all the presentations and discussions we had, they got a broad picture of how people in the city, organizations and cities work together to help ensure that people with dementia can lead a complete life as much as possible.