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The National Health Insurance Service (NHIS) in Korea is a new and interesting client. NHIS is an important, government related organization in South Korea and plays a leading role in the big changes in healthcare in Korea. The new choosen government in South Korea leaded by prime minister in South Korea Lee Nak-neon is interested in creating a more structural healthcare system for all citizens. It’s about healthcare and longterm care. International orientation is an important part of that development. And the NHIS is playing a leading role in that, as the only health insurance organization in Korea.  The NHIS, which is a member of ISSA, playing its role as a Liaison Office for East Asia, is a non-profitable public organization, a single insurer of National Health Insurance of the Republic of Korea, providing universal health coverage for approximately 97.2% of Korean citizens (Total number of South Korea population is about 50 million). The orientation focusses on European countries and also Canada. Countries who developed healthcare and insurance systems which cover all citizens. Over the past few months, we have been compiling content programs for NHIS in The Hague, Berlin, Vienna, Frankfurt, Helsinki, Stockholm and Toronto. The cooperation is very pleasant. A nice side effect is that the knowledge of the situation in Korea has increased considerably. There are already cautious plans to organize a study trip together with colleagues from Germany and the Netherlands about long-term care and with extra attention for people with dementia. For interesting articles about healthcare in Asia click here on