October 2014

Schermafdruk 2014-10-21 20.51.09

2014, October 16 the Suzhou Social Welfare Institute (director Sun Huizhong) and Jan Booij Advies signed an agreement. We already worked together for 16 years, but now it was the time to make it official. The coming years we will work on new exchange programs, developing trainingcentre in care and collabaration between Suzhou and The Netherlands. The coming years we will intensive our collaboration. 

Suzhou Social welfare institute is located in phase city economic development zone with beautiful environment, fresh air. It covers an area of 60000 square meters, a total construction area of 83600 square meters. With the design of the total 1500 beds, its total investment is $4.28 billion. It has received the widespread attention from all social.
The Welfare institute with five building units, including administrative medical training building, building logistics, elderly welfare homes, children's welfare home, psychosis welfarehome and welfare institutions for the disabled. All reflect on the design and construction idea: "love is here" and "here is your home" based on the concept of humanistic care.
Suzhou Social Welfare Institute is the oldest care organisation in China (since 1710) and a best practise in elderly care. The collaboration with The Netherlands started in 1998 in a government program between China and The Netherlands, initiated by our secretary of state Erica Terpstra.