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December 2018

We have been invited by the Beijing Research Center of Urban System Engineeringin the Chinese capital to participate in a working visit in the first week of January 2019. We have been asked to participate in discussions and presentations focusing on how technology can be adapted within healthcare and how the essence of care can contribute to good technological solutions. More specifically we will be concentrating on how to make the applications more valuable and integrated into good care than focusing on the technique itself.  The Beijing Research Center or Urban System Engineering is a division of theBeijing Academy of Science and Technology (BJAST), the only large high-level multidisciplinary scientific research institution directly under the Beijing Municipal government. 

China is a strongly aging country. It is explicitly examining how various smart technological developments can support care and goes beyond the eternal robot that you often see when it comes to these topics. Of course, many conditions and starting points in China are different than in the Netherlands and other European countries. Precisely the context in which these developments take place and the opportunites and obstacles they may face are interesting.